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NAP6 Resources

Anaesthesia, Surgery and Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions

The NAP6 Review Panel has produced a range of resources to aid departments in preparation for the management of perioperative anaphylaxis.

These resources include:

  • Suggested contents for Anaesthetic anaphylaxis treatment and investigation packs
  • Anaphylaxis management algorithms
  • Instructions on mast cell tryptase sampling
  • Roles and responsibilities of departmental leads for anaphylaxis
  • Template letters to be sent to patients and GPs following perioperative anaphylaxis
  • NAP6 Infographic highlighting key findings of the project.

The NAP6 Steering Panel would like to acknowledge previous work on anaphylaxis packs published in the RCoA Bulletin: Savic L et al. Anaphylaxis follow up - making it simple, making it better. RCoA Bulletin 2014;87:33-34.

These tools are also available as appendices to Chapter 11 and Chapter 14 of the NAP6 Report.


Prof Tim Cook interviewed on NAP6 by Top Med Talks.

NAP6 Tools

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis treatment pack
 NAP6 Chapter 11 - Appendix A - anaesthetic anaphylaxis treatment packs.pdf (800 KB)

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis investigation pack
 NAP6 Chapter 11 - Appendix B - anaesthetic anaphylaxis investigation packs.pdf (1.79 MB)

Management plan for urgent anaesthesia and surgery
 NAP6 Chapter 11 - Appendix C - management plan for urgent anaesthesia and surgery.pdf (37 KB)

Departmental lead for perioperative anaphylaxis: roles and responsibilities
 NAP6 Chapter 11 - Appendix D - departmental lead for perioperative anaphylaxis; roles and responsibilities.pdf (843 KB)

Allergy clinic report for anaesthetists
 NAP6 Chapter 14 - Appendix A - allergy clinic report for anaesthetist.pdf (21 KB)

Letter to the patient following allergy clinic visit for the investigation of perioperative anaphylaxis
 NAP6 Chapter 14 - Appendix B - letter to the patient following allergy clinic visit for investigation of perioperative anaphylaxis.pdf (30 KB)

NAP6 Infographic
 NAP6 Infographic.pdf (718 KB)