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RCoA President's Award for Undergraduate Research

The President's Award for Undergraduate Research is awarded at the Anaesthetic Research Society Winter Meeting and presented by the President of the RCoA. Details of previous winners can be found below.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

First Prize (Clinical Research)

Mr Savan Shah

Mr Savan Shah
Presentation title: Varying impact of chronic pain clinics on routinely employed patient reported outcomes - results of a survey conducted at a tertiary referral centre.

Joint First Prize (Laboratory Research)

James Sun 1 web

Mr James Sun
Dexmedetomidine exerts protective effect on bilirubin induced injury to astrocyte cultures.

Stefania Koumpa 3 web

Miss Stefania Koumpa
Argon protects against nitrous oxide induced cortical neuronal injury in vitro.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

First Prize Winners

Miss Rebecca Hawes
Clinical Research
Presentation title: An evaluation of the influence of ASA classification on duration of anaesthetic pre-assessment consultation time.

Fisher 1st prize lab 2

Mr Euan Fisher
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: Investigation of indole-derivative melatonin-like compounds as novel treatments for sepsis.

Runners up

Miss Rachel Day
Clinical Research
Comparison of measured versus predicted blood propofol concentration in children undergoing spinal surgery, preliminary analysis.

Mr Gordan McCreath
Laboratory Based Research
Mitochondrial sirtuin activation in endothelial cells under conditions of sepsis.

Friday 14 December 2012

First Prize Winners

Sinead Barrowman 2

Ms Sinead Barrowman
Clinical Research
Presentation title: Anaesthetists as source of theatre acquired bacterial load.

Tom McKitrick on behalf of Catherine Geldart 2

Mr Tom McKitrick on behalf of Miss Catherine Geldart (joint winners)
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: Identification of two mutations (F758W & F758Y) in the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor glycine-binding site that selectively prevent competitive inhibition by xenon without affecting glycine binding.

Runners up

Adam Garland 2

Mr Adam Garland
Clinical Research
Presentation title: Adult Dependency and Illness Severity Survey: can inpatient surveys help plan critical care services?

Ayush Kapila 2

Mr Ayush Kapila
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: Does surgery accelerate the pathogeneses of Alzheimer's disease?

Monday 28 November 2011

First Prize Winners

Mr Mervyn Chong
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: Xenon protects agains renal graft cold ischemia-reperfusion induced tubular injury.

Miss Julia Orr
Clinical Research
Presentation title: A comparative pilot study of anaerobic threshold values obtained from arm crank and bike ergometer exercise tests.

Runners up

Mr Anthony Fung
Presentation title: Remote brain injury following kidney transplantation: possible cellular mechanisms of cognitive decline.

Mr Bob Yang
Presentation title: Helium: a noble assassin? The anti-cancer properties of helium in vitro.

Thursday, 11th November 2010

First Prize Winners

Mr Jack Penn
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: The therapeutic potential of atorvastatin in attenuating postoperative cognitive decline after unilateral nephrotomy.

Mr Dominic Tabor
Clinical Research
Presentation title: Spread of large volume injectate from three different transversus abdominis plane block injection sittes: a cadaveric study.

Runners up

Ms Evgenia Petrides
Laboratory Based Research
Presentation title: Sevoflurane for labor analgesia: implications for foetal brain protection.

Ms Rebecca Fisher
Clinical Research
Presentation title: Chronic pain in the homeless.